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Why Printed Children’s Book Is Better Than E-books?

Why are most of the parents they still choose printed children’s book is not E-books for their children? This is because printed books have some advantages that e-book can’t replace.

Printed children’s book VS e-books: reading experience

The advantage of printed children’s book is that children can enjoy the beauty of the text. And the flipping process through is a kind of enjoyment. Which can give children the best immersive reading experience and make reading more atmospheric.

On the contrary, e-books are too mechanized. Just touch the screen to turn pages, and lose the reading enjoyment.

Printed children’s book VS e-books: Eye protection

The printed children’s book is better to protect children’s eye. The children reading the e-books for a long time, their eyes will feel dry. If things go on like this, it will hurt children’s eye. But printed children’s book, even the children reading for a long time, they will not feel eye dry and tired. Books do not emit blue light like electronic devices, so they are also a more effective sleep aid. So Printed children’s books are more eye-friendly than e-books.

Printed children’s book better protect eye

Thus, when reading to children, especially those who are still in the growth and development period. It is best to let them read printed paper books. It is not only can better protect children’s eye and easier for them to develop the habit of reading.

Printed children’s book VS e-books: cultivate concentration

A printed paper books are easier to make children focus on. And children can get rid of the interference of electronic products directly. But e-books can not. Whether it is a mobile phone or a reader like Kindle. It will have functions that distract children, such as time and messages. It may prevent children from concentrating on reading. Thus, children reading paper books are more conducive to cultivate children’s concentration.

Printed children’s book VS e-books: interactivity

A survey shows: parents are more effective when reading with their children in printed children’s book.

According to research published in Pediatrics. Parents talk to their kids more when they read print books, and kids respond more to them in turn. Children who were more prone to emotional outbursts also responded better to their parents when they were reading.

Tiffany Munzer, a behavioral and developmental pediatrician at CS Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan. She says parent-child interactions that promote language development and literacy through shared reading. May also benefit children’s friendships, academic success, and other developments.

When parent and children reading the paper book together. They talk more often, and the quality of their interactions is better than when reading e-books. But Powerful e-books interfere with the quantity and quality of parent-child interaction in reading books together. When the parent and children reading the e-book together. Parents read less to their children, commented less on story lines, and asked fewer simple questions.

Besides, when children reading e-books, they do not need to take care by their parent. Parents show a sense of relaxation, which is probably why e-books will reduce parent-child interaction when reading. Compared to e-books, printed children’s book are easier to build up the relationship between parent and children.

Reading e-book

The children’s publishers seem to smell a vast market for printed Children’s Books. So every year, publishers still bulk print children’s book. This is because they know the printed children’s book can’t replace by the e-books.

In fact, no matter printed children’s book or e-books, parents need to select according to their children’s age and needs. Parents should not limit them only can read printed book or e-books.

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