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Paper bag printing

We can see the custom paper bag in many places. Such as coffee shop, milk-tea shop, supermarket, shoe shop, clothing shop, etc. The paper bag has become a part of our life. Because paper bag can be recycled and easily degradable. With the enhancement of people’s environmental awareness, most people use paper bags to replace the traditional plastic bag. Meanwhile, also increases the demand for paper bags on the market.

We can divide the paper bag into the following types: Kraft paper bag, cardboard bag, recycled paper bag, coated paper bag, linen paper bag, etc.

China printing Export with rich experience in various materials and styles of paper bag printing. For example, Kraft paper bag printing, cardboard paper bag printing, shopping paper bag printing, gift paper bag printing, wine paper bag printing, food paper bag printing, etc. More paper bag custom services, please contact us. At here, no matter what styles of paper bag custom service, we can help you achieve at an affordable price.

Below are some standard sizes for your reference:

5x5x8cm; 10×6*10cm;13x7x13cm; 10x5x13cm; 13x7x17cm;16x6x12cm; 12x7x12cm; 16x6x16cm; 13x6x16cm; 18x7x18cm; 16x6x19cm; 14.5x9x16.25cm; 12x7x15.75cm; etc.

More sizes, you can contact our experts to custom. If you don’t know what size is suitable for your paper bag printing. We also can give you some recommendations. So that we can make sure your paper bag is special and unique. At here, you don’t worry about anything. Because our team will help you control well each step. Select us, never let you down.

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