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Notebook, also known as diary, planner, journal, etc. Notebook can use in various of occasion, such as office, business, study, travel, etc. According to statistics, each person needs an average of one notebook per year. Which makes the demand of notebook is very large. Every year, many companies, supermarkets, bookstores will bulk print the notebooks to sell.

For notebook printing, China Printing Export provides many options for clients. Such as saddle stitch notebook printing, spiral or wire-o notebook printing, prefect glue notebook printing, hardcover notebook printing, etc. For the notebook cover and inner material, we provide various of selections. The common materials for custom notebook cover, like coated paper, Kraft paper, cardboard, linen paper, cloth, plastic, leather, etc. And the inner material of the notebook, we often use offset paper, Kraft paper, recycled paper, etc. If clients have other needs, we also can provide.

If you are looking for OEM or ODM notebook printing service. China Printing Export is your first choice. No matter what types of notebook you want to custom, we can meet your needs. Select us. You will be happy with our price and quality.

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