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Proofs and Samples

Usually, we divide the sample into two types: free sample and charge sample.

What situations the sample are free?

1、If you want some sample to check our printing quality, the sample is free.

We can send you some similar free samples to your door. The shipping way often by DHL. And the shipping time often need 3-7 workdays.

2、Mass production sample is free

When you paying the 50% deposit of bulk order and sending us your artwork in PDF file. Before printing the bulk order, if you want to make mass production proofing to confirm the final artwork. We can make the free sample with digital printing and free ship to your door by DHL. The proofing time add shipping time often needs 5-9 working days.

What situation the sample is need to charge?

Print your artwork sample but not sure the bulk order time, the sample is charged.

If you want to make the digital sample to see your artwork printing effect, but you are not sure you or your client how long will place the bulk order. In this situation, we need you to pay the sample fee. The sample fee is depend on your binding, size, number of pages, etc.

Whether free sample or charge sample, we often with digital printing. The digital sample will be colorful than the mass production printed by offset printing. And the binding effect, through machine binding mass production, will be better than the hand binding sample.

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