We are direct manufacturer, so we can response quicky ,serve you professionally and give you the best price with high quality
guaranteed .

You can get an instant quotation between 1-2 hours on our working days. Quick response and professional reply are our big advantages that distinguish us from other suppliers.

For the sample, our lead time is 3-7 work days.

For the bulk order, our lead time is between 10-18 days. Such as ordinary book printing, the lead time is 10-15 days; hardcover book printing, the lead time is 15-18 days; package printing, the lead time is 10-15 days; card stock printing, the lead time is about 15 days. The final lead time will be depend on your printing quantity, finishing, package, etc.

For shipping, the lead time is depend on the shipping way. Usually, if shipping by air, it often needs 3-7 working day. If shipping by sea, it often needs 25-40 days. The lead time will determine on different country, shipping situation, shipping company, etc. Based on many years of experience for helping customer to arrange shipping. We estimate the delivery time is very close to the actual lead time. The goods often arrive at the customer’s home or local port at our expected time. Besides, during the shipping, we also follow your goods all the time. The shipping has any update, we will inform you for the first time.

Cooperate with us. You don’t worry about the lead time and service. Because on time delivery and service are our major advantages.

First step: contact us. You can contact us through email, WhatsApp, phone call, etc.

Second step: Ready your printing needs and send to us. Get the inquiry, you need to provide your printing messages, like quantity, pages, size, color mode, material, binding way, etc. If have the complete artwork, it will be better for giving you a faster and accurate quotation.

Final step: Waiting for 1-2 hours, our experts will give you a quotation.

For the use of check quality. We can send some similar free samples for your reference. Our existing samples are free, you only need bear little shipping cost by air usually 35-40usd by paypal.

For the bulk order sample. After confirming the final artwork and pay the 50% deposit, we can make the free sample and send to you for confirmation. The sample is often with digital printing. After finishing the sample, then we will free ship the sample by DHL.

For unsure order sample. If you just want a sample and are not sure what time will take an order. The sample is not free and the sample fee will be depend on your printing types.

Sure. After you confirming your artwork and pay the bulk order deposit, we can make the proofing for you. The sample will use digital printing and free ship to your door.

Of course. But there has a precondition. That is you need to place a bulk order. After placing the bulk order, we will refund your sample charge.

For the sample, we support Paypal, bank transfer, credit card and Western Union. Paypal, we only support less than 500 USD.

For the mass production, we only support bank transfer, credit card and western union. In the bulk order printing, you need to pay 50% deposit before arranging the proofing and mass production printing. And before shipping, you need to finish the balance payment.

For the mass production, our MOQ is 500pcs. In order to make sure 100% high-quality printing, we use best advanced large printing equipments to print your project. Therefore less than  500pcs the total printing cost is almost same as 500pcs. That’s why we recommend you print 500pcs. If your quantity is less than 500pcs, we also arrange if you accept price. Price will be cheaper from 500pcs and up. The more you order, price will cheaper a lot accordingly.

We always focus on 100% of customer satisfaction. After you receiving the goods within 7 days. If it is any quality problem happen because of us. We promise to reprint or refund your money. Before shipping out, we will do strictly quality checking to make sure every step of printing is well done. So if you choose us, you don’t worry about the quality.

But certain circumstances are beyond our control and not included by this guarantee. Such as because of your printing artwork problems or incorrect instruction at your side, etc. We can also try to find a way and together to solve this peacefully. You will enjoy working with us. That’s why thousands of global clients keep printing back with us.

The paper for printing is depends on your printing type and your needs.

For book types printing, we often use coated paper, matte art paper, offset paper, Kraft paper, special paper, etc.

For card and card deck printing, we often use double side coated paper, cardboard, etc.

For package printing, we often use Kraft paper, gray board, corrugated paper, cardboard, coated paper, etc.

For label printing, we often use coated paper, synthetic paper, etc.

Above introduction is only our common paper for printing. If you need other material, we also can provide. Such as leather, cloth, plastic, etc.

If your file not too large, you can send us by email. If your file is too large, we recommend you send by wetransfer.com or dropbox.com. To make sure your printing effect, when sending us printing file, following tips you need to know.

Tips 1: Your artwork transfer to PDF file in CMYK not to RGB. Because transfer your file in RGB format, it is easier to change the color. But if you transfer to CMYK, there will not have this problem.

Tips 2: Each page of your file need to leave 3mm bleeding place and each picture DPI needs larger than 300.

Tips 3: The file of cover and inner pages are better to separate. One PDF file is for the cover and another one is for inner pages.

To make sure the book printing quality, the max size, we recommend less than 298*421cm and the minimum size over 5*5cm.

The bleeding position is the cutting position. Generally, there will be a 2mm error when cutting the finished product. The normal tolerance range of 3mm is the safest. So be sure to leave bleeds when design the printing documents. When we design the file, we need to enlarge the edge by 3mm, and the larger part will be cut off after printing. This cropped part is called the bleed place. For example, if your printing size is 80*52mm, then the edge of your document should be enlarged to 86*58mm.

We provide a wide range of binding ways for you to choose. Such as saddle stitched binding, spiral or wire-o binding, perfect glue binding, hardcover, specialized board book binding, etc. More binding way refer About Binding page.

For the surface finishing, we provide many types of finishing for you to choose. Such as spot UV, lamination, embossing, hot stamping, etc. Want to know more finishing, please click surface options.