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About Binding

Packaging and Shipping

1. For packaging, we always take high attention on the package quality. So to make sure our printed product is not easier happen damage, we always implement high quality packaging standards for each step of packaging.

All of our goods must make sure strongest then picked up by the shipping company. Our regular packaging step is with waterproof plastic bag packaging the product inside the 5 AA strong carton—stacked on the green wood pallet—plastic belt wrap the outside—with plywood or paperboard to protect the corner—with plastic film to warp the outside—picked up by the shipping company.


2. For shipping, the lead time is depend on the shipping way. Usually, if shipping by air, it often needs 3-7 working day. If shipping by sea, it often needs 25-40 days. The lead time will determine on different country, shipping situation, shipping company, etc. Based on many years of experience for helping customer to arrange shipping. We estimate the delivery time is very close to the actual lead time. The goods often arrive at the customer’s home or local port at our expected time. Besides, during the shipping, we also follow your goods all the time. The shipping has any update, we will inform you for the first time.

Cooperate with us. You don’t worry about the lead time and service. Because on time delivery and service are our major advantage.

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