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Box Material

Box Material

China Printing Export is the laeding package printing factory in China. We has 20+ years of package printing experience. We support OEM and ODM package printing services at affordable price. 

For box printing, we provide various of materials for you to choose from. Such as coated paper, corrugated paper, special paper, Kraft paper, etc.


Different kinds of box custom, the material option is different. The final material section is depend on your needs. Below are some common materials for your reference.


Coated paper

Coated paper gravure printing composite box process. When the production batch is relatively large, film coating is not required, and the printing effect is required to be good and the cost is low, this process can be used. The process is to first use a paper gravure printing machine to print thinner coated paper, and then compound this finely printed coated paper with ordinary slag board paper or boxboard paper, as a whole as a carton surface paper, and then carry out mounting and normal carton forming. processing.

Corrugated paper


It is mainly composed of two parallel flat sheets as the outer paper and the inner paper, with the corrugated corrugated core paper processed by the corrugating roller in the middle, and each paper sheet is bonded with the corrugated paper coated with the adhesive on the corrugated peak.

Corrugated board is mainly used to make outer packaging boxes to protect commodities in the circulation process, and there are also finer corrugated paper that can be used as the inner village of commodity cardboard packaging to reinforce and protect commodities. There are many types of corrugated paper, including single-sided, double-sided, double-layer and multi-layer.

White cardboard



White cardboard is made of chemical pulp and pulp, including ordinary white cardboard liner white cardboard, kraft liner white cardboard, etc. There is also a white cardboard made of chemical pulp, also known as high-grade whiteboard. White cardboard often use for gift box printing, wine box printing, etc.

Yellow cardboard

Yellow cardboard refers to the low-grade cardboard made from pulp produced by the lime method with straw as the main raw material.

Kraft paperboard


Kraft paperboard made of kraft pulp. The one with kraft pulp on one side is called single-sided kraft board, and the one with kraft paper on both sides is called double-sided kraft board.

The main function of corrugated cardboard surface paper is called kraft box board, and its strength is much higher than that of ordinary surface paper board. In addition, it can also be combined with water-resistant resin to make water-resistant kraft cardboard, which is mostly used in beverage collection boxes.

Composite processed paperboard

Composite processed paperboard refers to the paperboard composited with other materials such as composite aluminum foil, polyethylene, greaseproof paper, wax, etc. It makes up for the lack of ordinary cardboard, making the packaging carton have many new functions such as oil-proof, waterproof, and fresh-keeping.

Except the above material, we also provide  other paper options. Such as art paper, duplex paper, fancy paper, recycled paper etc. Wide Range for Your Selection.

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