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About Binding

As the so-called “binding into a book”, book binding is the overall operation process of a book from collating to upper sealing into a book. It generally includes the processing steps of arranging, connecting, stitching, equipping, and topping the printed pages in sequence. Book binding takes an important role in book printing.

For the softcover book, the common binding ways are saddle stitched binding, prefect binding, spiral or wire-o binding.

Saddle stitched

Saddle stitched also call staple binding. Saddle stitched refer to use the staple equipment stable the book pages together. It is the most ordinary binding ways. The advantage of saddle stitch binding is operating fast and lost cost, easy to read.

Saddle-stitched book pages are only connected by two iron wire nails. Because the iron wire is easy to rust, the fastness is poor, and it is suitable for binding materials with less than 32 pages. Such as booklet printing, cheap catalog printing,magazine printing, workbook printing, etc.

 Perfect binding

Because of its good flatness. At present, many books use this binding method.

The prefect glue binding is refer that stamp by a binding machine through a special adhesive, then glue together the beautifully designed cover and the content, and bound into a book. Perfect glue binding is wide use in various of paperback book binding.

Sewing prefect binding


Sewing prefect binding refers to a binding method in which the pages are sewn together with a thread, and then the pages of the printed product are fixed on the spine with glue. The advantage of the sewing prefect binding is that the book block is glued and fixed with a thread. When the book is opened, the content of the book can be fully displayed, from the book to the automatic binding method. But the cost of this binding way is higher than the prefect binding.

This kind of binding way is more high-end and strong. It is suitable for the books more than 32 pages.

Wire-o and spiral binding


We divided Wire-o and spiral binding into two common methods: rubber ring binding and iron ring binding. The main advantage is the ease of flipping and changing pages. It often uses for notebook printing, book printing, desk calendar printing, etc.



Hardcover binding includes glue hardcover and sewing hardcover. This binding method is luxurious and exquisite, high-grade and durable, and the text size can be freely designed. It is the most shocking of all binding methods. We often use this binding method for high-end book binding. Like art book printing, photo book printing, children’s book printing, etc.

Hardcover binding is suitable for the books over 32 pages. The book is use square spine or round spine is depend on the book thickness and the inner pages or customers’ needs. If your book is too thick, we often suggest round spine. Because it can open more flat.


Specialized board book binding

We can divide board book binding into ordinary board book binding and hardcover board book binding.

Specialized board book binding also is a high-grade and durable binding way. The binding way is after printing, and with glue to mount two one-side coated paper together. We often use this binding way for children’s board book printing field. 

Board book binding is suitable for the books between 8-40 pages. If your book is too thick, we are not recommend you use this binding way. 

Except for the above common binding ways, we also provide other types of binding. If you want to know more, please contact us