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Hardcover book Printing

Compared to paperback book, hardcover book with the advantage of luxury, durable, high profit and high collection value, etc. To make the book more strong and durable, the binding way often with gluing hardcover or sewing hardcover. We often divide the hardcover into square spine and round spine of these two types.

Hardcover book printing is one of the most advantage printing projects in China Printing Export. No matter what types of hardcover book you want to print, you can achieve at here. Such as children’s hardcover book printing, hardcover board book printing, hardcover photo book printing,  hardcover cookbook printing, etc. About the material, except for the regular printing paper, we also provide other options. Such as linen paper, Kraft paper, cloth, leather, etc. If you select us, whether you want to print your hardcover book with CMYK printing or Pantone color printing. We can 100% guarantee the quality.

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