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Leaflet Printing

Leaflet refers to a single color page printed in color by a four-color printing machine. It also includes a single-color leaflet printed by a monochrome machine. A single-page document copied by a general copier can also be called a leaflet. To say it simply, it is the usual flyer.

A leaflet is one of the promotion channels to promote the corporate image. It can effectively elevate the corporate image to a new level and better show the company’s products and services to the public. Printing leaflets have become one of the indispensable corporate image publicity tools for enterprises.

We often divide leaflet printing into two types, one is the key roles is to promote products, release some commercial information, or find people. Another type is voluntary publicity, such as publicizing people’s voluntary blood donation.

Print the leaflet. We often use 157 grams of double side coated paper imposition. The standard size is: 210x285mm. It is the general copy paper A4 size. If you have other sizes and materials needs, we also can provide.

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