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Why Do Most Children’s Book Printing Use Coated Paper?

In recent years, children’s books have become more and more popular with parents. The demand for children’s books is increasing. So, do you know why children’s book printing use coated paper?

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What is coated paper?

Coated paper is the major paper used by printing houses. The coated paper’s official name is printing coated paper, which is of large use in real life. Coated paper (here refers to light copper), over 90% of users are using it! We also known the coated paper industry specification as coated paper. It coated this paper with a layer of white paste on the base paper. Made after calendering. It has good elasticity and strong water resistance. Thus, the absorption of ink is very good, and the color reproduction effect is the most stable of all paper types.

The advantages of printing children’s book with Coated paper

  • 1. Good color reproduction

Whether the printing effect of coated paper is good or not. An important criterion is whether the color reproduction is high. Coated paper can be full print in its original color. Make the printed color real. The closer to the colors we see on the computer, the less error. And the printing color is delicate, the gloss is good, and it looks brighter.

  • 2. The thickness is moderate

Children’s picture books printing also has requirements for paper thickness. Too thick will increase the weight of children’s picture books. Too much heaviness will reduce reading interest. If the paper is too thin. When flipping through, the paper will appear light and scooping. There is no texture. Which reduces the grade of children’s picture books and enterprises. The copper plate solves this problem. Coated paper with a moderate thickness is very suitable for the needs of picture book paper.

  • 3. The price is cheap

Coated paper is cheap and cost-effective. Meet the needs of children’s picture books. And better solve the cost problem that printing manufacturers worry about. For printers, it costs more paper to make children’s picture books. Same time, the printing process is also higher than other printing products. And coated paper solves this problem well.

Among the popular printing paper products. There is only coated paper, and the price is moderate. The printing color is bright. The printing quality is stable and the process requirements are not high. This also played a very good role in promoting the rapid circulation of brochures in the market. Thus, almost 90% of the brochure printing books on the market are now coated paper.

Many types of children’s picture book printing use different type of paper. For example, the same coated paper, the number of grams, and the texture of the picture may be very different. There are regulations for children’s picture book paper sold on the market now. Main coated paper, light paper, offset paper, or other more advanced paper. And the covers of children’s books are often coated with 250 grams or more.

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