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Why binding can make a creative children book

The children’s book has made the sample book model according to the design ideas. The printing company will realize the production of the product through processing. Compared with the book printing in China in the 1990s. We can say the current printing technology and binding materials to be changing with each passing day. Especially since the technical level of the next processing is innovating and improving.

Why binding can make a creative children book
Why binding can make a creative children book

There are many finishing processes for book printing in China:

1. Beautify and decorate the book’s surface. Such as glazing, laminating, embossing, hot stamping, etc.;

2. Forming and processing of books. Such as cutting the semi-finished book pages into the format specified in the design, binding them into a book. And processing the book printing, such as mounting, die-cutting, indentation, and rounding;

3. The processing of books to get specific functions. Such as making the books have protective functions. Such as pressure resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance, and insect resistance.

For post-press processing of children book in China. All these processing properties will be used and reflected. Especially the combination of UV glazing and screen printing technology. They can better reflect the gorgeousness and fullness of colors, show color changes, and have some special effects. And then they have a die-cutting process. With the application of computer arranging knife technology, various patterns, shapes, and achieve positions. And the perfect effect can be achieved as desired. Die-cutting technology is often used in the post-press processing of children’s book printing. For example, the shape of an animal can be die-cut on the cover of the book. And even the footprints of each animal can be die-cut, which will surprise children.

In the selection of printing materials. Designers should consider the adaptability and coordination of the paper to printing and next processing techniques. And understand the expansion ratio and flexibility of various printing papers. As long as the design is appropriate, common materials can also design excellent products. There are also some rules for the selection of inks. For example, Japanese inks have bright color performance. While European inks have very pure and elegant colors.

Studying the rational use of new printing technology. Understanding and familiar with the characteristics of the new technology and the visual effects it produces. Will produce a magical touch in the creative design process, which is full of fun. Although the use of new materials and new processes is a contradiction with traditional printing conditions. They can also promote each other in practice. The new technology inspires the designer’s creativity. And the designer’s creativity will also promote the continuous development of the printing process. And the continuous progress of the printing process has once again expanded a new broad space for the designer’s creativity.

At present, the children’s book market is facing many opportunities and challenges. The only way to withstand this test is to integrate the publishing quality of children’s books. Including the artistic level of children’s book binding design. And the quality of children’s book printing in China. With the international publishing industry. Thus, we need a group of high-level and high-quality design talents. They must have a broad vision, advanced ideas, new artistic ideas. And unique insights into printing materials and craftsmanship to creatively design children’s books. That are in line with international standards. And suitable for children’s psychological characteristics and reading ability.

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