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What Is The Entire Process Of Printing A Booklet?

For printing, most customers do not know how to operate. So the customers will puzzle about why there is a color difference in the printing process. And why is the effect of printing in some places on the same booklet is always unsatisfactory? So what problems do we need to consider when printing a booklet, and what is the entire process of printing a booklet?

Booklet printing process

Booklet printing materials. The common booklet printing used the coated paper. And coated paper divides into 105g coated paper, 128g coated paper, 157g coated paper. 200g coated paper, 250g coated paper, 300g coated paper. According to its different thickness of the booklet. Most brochures will use 200g as the cover and 157g as the inner page of the paper material for printing. Which is easy to print and inexpensive. There are also materials that use special paper for the cover and coated paper on the inner page. And there are also corporate brochures printed on special paper.  

They often used paper for cheap booklet printing. Has coated paper, pearlescent paper, offset paper, newsprint, letterpress, pictorial newspapers, etc.   

The general book size is different. The book print on standard positive paper. And the positive size is 787×1092mm, and the size is 185×260mm in 16. So most of the fiction prose books we see in the library are this size.  

* Booklet printing period

Completing the technological process of film and proofing with a per-P calculation. The design, filming, proofing, printing are all part of it. And imposition are generally priced in units of A4. Film is a necessity for the machine. And printing proofing is the basic basis for the leading machine to check the color.  

* Medium printing of booklet

The key link in the completion of printed products is printing. And the pricing standard is color order. Each color per order of paper, folio generally starts at 5 orders. If there is a spot color. Such as enterprise special pattern printing spot color or printing gold, printing silver.

Please be sure to specify. At that time, it will increase from 4 colors to 5 colors and 6 colors, so that the price will be accurate.  

* Later stage of booklet printing

It is usually the processing work after the printing of the printed matter is completed. Be sure to state: binding (riding nails or rubber nails). Whether there is lamination or UV in the post-press process. Die-cutting, bronzing and convex areas should also remark. special materials for printing, packing quantity. If there are special requirements, please state. The more specific and accurate the process showed, the more accurate the price will be.  

Precautions when printing:

  • 1. The text on the printing page of the booklet and other content need to be 3mm away from the groundbreaking. To avoid cut during cutting.
  • 2. Use of color blocks. In color printing.

Please try to avoid using a combination of dark or full color for color matching. Otherwise it is easy to produce back printing after printing. Do not cover it with white patches to avoid confusion when closing.  

  • 3. Printing background color.

The color of the printing shading or base map of the album should not be less than 10%. To avoid the inability to present the finished product when printing.

  • 4. Wireframe thickness.

The wireframe thickness of self-drawn graphics printed on the booklet. It must not be less than 0.1mm. Otherwise, the print will break or fail to render. Besides, it cannot set the wireframe to “Scale with Image”. Otherwise, irregular lines will form when printed output.  

* booklet printing details

 When printing design. Designers should try to use one or two spot colors as the background color of album printing. Not too complicated, a complex reading, there is no focus. The design effect should be as simple as possible. The choice of color should be natural in the transition and change also has harmony. If the difference between the two tones is too large. It will also make people feel abrupt and uncomfortable. So designers must use color to highlight the expression focus of the booklet. Arouse consumers’ interest in reading through visual effects.

Also, in the selection of spot colors. It is necessary to follow the uniformity and conform to the connotation of the booklet. When printing booklet. It is also necessary to try to ensure the consistency of the tone of the original manuscript. In this way, the artistic effect of booklet printing can improve. And the purpose of publicity can achieve.

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