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What is special edition and imposition printing

As we all know, the book printing companies is a production and processing enterprise, and the printing companies in China basically only earns processing fees, but why is there such a big gap in the book printing price here?

In fact, the book printing in China is divided into two types of printing, one is imposition printing and the other is special edition printing. The prices of these two types of book printing in China are quite different. Today, let us explain to you the difference between these two book printing methods and make it easier for you to understand the book printing China online quote.

Special edition printing in book printing China

Each customer of special edition printing in book printing China is to make his own CTP edition separately. The advantages of special edition printing in book printing is the color are guarantee, this book printing ways can can be toned according to the customer’s original manuscript, and the color reproduction of the printed book is close to the original manuscript. The paper in book printing is all high-grade paper of enough grams, but the price is relatively more expensive. Customers choose special edition printing for their catalog printing in China, hardcover book printing in China, magazine printing in China, calendars printing in China, etc. The color of printed book would be brighter when use the special edition printing. The printed book with many book printing processes and high book printing requirements will also choose special edition printing.

l  Imposition printing in book printing China

The advantage of imposition printing is that the price is cheap, but the disadvantage is that there are not many processes to choose from and the color is not very good. Compared with those customers who do not have any requirements for printed matter, they will choose imposition printing. More than 10 customers share a CTP version, and each customer’s tone and color are different, and the color can only be roughly adjusted for all customers. The color of the printed matter is 10% different from the original manuscript. The paper used is also non-national standard paper for imposition, and the weight is insufficient. 157 grams of plywood paper is only equivalent to 130 grams of special edition paper. Because in order to save costs, there is no increase in loss, the number of finished products will also vary by 10%. Imposition printing is only recommended for one-time low-end promotional color page printing, which is rarely used by ordinary companies. This is why the colors of the electronic drafts designed on the computer are very colorful, but the printed products are very different.

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