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To solve the binding problem in book printing

The book binding process is the final process of book printing in China, which is related to the use value, preservation value and reading value of the printed book. No matter how high-quality the book printing material is, if there is no professional binding process, it will not reflect the value of the printed book.

The binding process is very important for book printing in China, and any problem in the link will affect the final book printing quality. Therefore, full attention must be paid to the binding process.

1. Avoid choosing inappropriate binding materials for book printing

It only improves the book binding effect, but does not consider the quality of the paper used inside the book. The thickness of the book cover and the inside paper will be very different. After perfect binding, when you open the first page of the book, you will find that the binding glue is exposed. The problem of exposed glue can be solved by adding a ring lining or title lining with a moderate thickness between the cover and the first page.

As the thickness of the cover increases, for example, the use of more than 200 grams of cardboard as the book cover and jacket flaps will make the book binding process very difficult, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, the length of the cover is shorter than the length of the book block, which can cause dirty books.

During the binding process of books, most of the cover length is about 7 mm shorter than the book block length. As a result, the book back is empty when the glue is applied without glue binding, causing the back of the book to be exposed and some dirty books with leaking glue.

2. Plan a reasonable binding design for your book printing

The design pattern without white space will also cause difficulties in book printing. When designing a book printing cover with a pattern or frame, a designer not only needs to consider the details of binding of book printing, but also understand the quality standard requirements of binding of book printing. If the printing design of the book deliberately pursues beautiful appearance, the printed book will not achieve the design effect after binding.

Therefore, publishers need to contact and communicate frequently with the book printing company. After fully understanding the overall aspects of book printing, they can make a reasonable book printing design plan, so as to make the bound books more robust and beautiful.

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