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This book printing process makes your book glossy

In book printing, there are two commonly used finishing methods to make book covers glossy.

1. Glossy varnishing

Glossy varnishing refers to uniformly coating a layer of colorless and transparent varnish on the cover of the book. After hot air drying, cold air cooling, or calendering, the book cover forms a thin and uniform transparent bright layer. In book printing China, the varnishing process can not only enhance the glossiness of the printed book cover but also can protect the printed book.

2. UV coating:

UV coating is relying on the irradiation of UV light, a photochemical reaction occurs inside the UV coating to complete the curing process. There is no solvent volatilization during curing, which will not cause environmental pollution. The surface gloss of printed books using UV varnish is high. However, due to the high price of UV varnish, it is currently mostly used for high-end hardcover book printing.

Why use glossy finishing in book printing?

Glossy finishing in book printing China is to beautify printed books, protect printed books, strengthen the publicity effect of printed books, and improve the practical value of printed books.

l  In book printing, the hardcover book or the catalog which use the glossy finishing can be polished to increase the gloss and colors of the printed matter.

l  In packaging printing, the paper bags or the paper boxes which use the glossy finishing can be beautified and protected.

l  In cards printing, the postcard or the business card which use the glossy finishing can can prevent friction and corrosion.

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