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The Pros And Cons Of Printing Advertising Album 

Album is a display platform that can promote products and show brand image, which most business will choose.

As we know, the design of an advertising album will greatly enhance your product promotion and corporate image. Good enterprises need to be promoted, so do good products. Album is a long-lasting publicity method. As long as the album is still there, customers will look for it when they need it, and study which company is more suitable, so customers will be attracted.

Then I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of advertising album design.

Advantage of printing advertising album

1.Flexible design

Although the content of the album may be compact, it is flexible in design. Companies can choose the position of graphics and texts, the concept or area represented by each fold, and the amount of information provided by the album itself. Many album design programs and templates can be found when creating their own albums. Album is an ideal expression with pictures and texts. Compared with a single text or album, printing advertising albums has unparalleled advantages.

2.Advertising benefit

As the album is very small, you can put it on the door and windshield of the car and give it to passers-by, or put it in the reception area for tourists to take it away, or even put it in the display position of the sales point where the products are sold. Because of its size, users will be more likely to hold the company album.

3.Saving time

Different from inputting complete information to the customer who answers the query, transmitting the album containing the requested information can save time and enable the customer to obtain more information. It is not necessary to customize the album or solve these problems specifically for the customer, and the album can be handed over to the potential customer.

Disadvantage of printing advertising album


The album can be designed flexibly, but print advertising album still generates some costs, and it is easy to distribute. More information can be printed to attract enough customers. Careful management also requires that the album be reprinted when the information it contains is outdated. Some companies print albums without pricing information, which may change frequently.

2.Limited space

Due to the limitation of available space, the album is small and may not be enough for sale. Many companies use the album to supplement other sales activities.

3.Environmental problems

Even if printed on recycled paper, the album is not an environmentally friendly advertising method. An album can only be delivered to one customer, and the inventory of the album is not always exhausted before it expires or needs to be changed, which will waste paper, toner and ink.

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