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The printing methods for book printing

Choose different printing methods for book printing according to your needs.

The printing methods for book printing
The printing method for book printing

1. Letterpress Printing

There are many words, few photos and pictures, there are many chances of changing the tex. And the number of prints is not large-hundreds or thousands of prints should be printed in letterpress. The number of type printing should not exceed 30,000. And the fine picture electronic version should not exceed 70,000 or 80,000. Printed pictures must use pink paper to get the perfect dot. So you can’t use cheap paper to print pictures and hope to achieve exquisite results. When using the letterpress flat version of the table. The intersection of the lines is easy to separate and disconnec, which is a common short coming. Besides, when the printing pressure is too high or the surface of the pressure cylinder is too soft during printing. The back of the printed sheet of the finished product will have embossed protrusions. Which will greatly reduce the quality of the printed product.

2. Offset printing

The biggest difference between offset printing and letterpress printing. Is that letterpress printing screen images must use smooth surface paper. but offset printing does not have this need, as long as the paper is not too rough. The effect of screen printing is softer than letterpress, and it is easy to print round dots.  Resin version or nylon version is another type of printing plate. That can withstand more abrasion than the above-mentioned types. The printing time can reach one million, which is the longest life in the printing plate. But, the method of using this type of printing plate has been slightly different from the ordinary offset printing method. That is, it does not need a wetting system, so it is called “dry offset printing”.

Generally speaking, the more pictures need for book printing. The larger the picture area, the more suitable for offset printing rather than letterpress printing. As mentioned above, the effect of printing pictures with offset printing is better than that of letterpress printing. Thus, general color printing and four-color printing use offset printing instead of letterpress printing.

3. Gravure printing

Gravure printing is suitable for printing high-quality and expensive publications. Whether it is a four-color or black-and-white picture. Gravure printing can be highly photographic. Due to the high cost of plate making and the large volume of printing. It is the least used among the five types of printing in Hong Kong.

4. Screen printing

Since the screen printing ink is particularly thick. It is most suitable for printing with special effects. The quantity is not large and the ink color needs to be thick, especially suitable. You can also print on three-dimensional such as square boxes, boxes, round bottles, cans and so on. Except for paper, the bottom can also be printed on cloth, quick grips, plywood, plastic sheets, metal sheets, glass, etc. It is commonly used to print pennants, T-shirts, tile boxes, soda bottles, circuit boards, etc. The above-mentioned various printing features cannot be achieved by other book printing methods.

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