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The factors affecting your catalog printing

Facts have proved that printed catalogs have many advantages. A large amount of product information. And consumer-oriented catalogs have a wide range of product categories. Since the catalogs are generally printed on high-grade paper. They are also rich in pictures and texts. The comprehensive use of art and color techniques are conducive to creating emotional appeals to customers. And urging them to make purchase decisions.

The factors affecting your catalog printing
The factors affecting your catalog printing

Consumer preferences lead businesses to have prime requirements for the quality of catalog printing. Customers always will have a good impression of your company. If you are showing them a high-quality product catalog. Not only customers, the high-quality catalog and sneer will also attract us.

For catalog printing in China, there are 3 main reasons that affect the quality of the catalog:

1.The Blanket

When we produce, we usually use two kinds of blankets, one is an air cushion blanket, and the other is a normal blanket. When the blanket is in contact with the printing plate, the surface of the blanket will absorb. If we transfer the fountain solution on the surface of the printing plate. And the surface of the blanket loses the fountain solution, problems will arise.

2. The Water roller

During printing, the water roller is the major component contacts the printing plate. And it also has the function of supplying a fountain solution. If the contact pressure with the printing plate is too large. The image will be damaged, and the printing quality will be unsatisfactory. If the pressure is lighter, the surface will form a phenomenon similar to coating. So the pattern phenomenon will appear more obvious.

3. The Fountain solution

There is a close relationship between the amount of fountain solution we need during printing. And the area of graphics and text. To know that the area of the picture and text is larger, the area of the blank will be smaller, and the opposite is the same. Generally, a large graphic area requires less fountain solution. And a small area requires more fountain solution.

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