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The design requirements for printing

book printing

Printing document requirements

1. No matter which software you use, please design and make in CMYK mode. If use RGB, the color will change when converted to CMYK printing. If not Pantone color printing, please do not use Pantone colors for book printing artwork.

2. The picture resolution cannot be lower than 300DPI, except for special circumstances;

3. After finalizing, please convert the text and upload it again to avoid printing failure due to lack of fonts;

4. Please reserve 3mm of bleeding outside the size of the printed product. And the page elements are more than 3mm away from the finished product line;

5. For black text or lines, please use monochrome black;

6. Please use C40K100 for sizeable areas of black to ensure that the black is saturated;

7. The line width cannot be less than 0.08mm;

8. The album files must have a simple order;

9. If there are processes such as spot color, hot stamping, concave-convex, partial UV, die-cutting. They must be clear and need to separate.

Printing production requirements

1. Single page printing

The length and width of the design should be 6mm larger than the finished product. So ensuring the bleeding of 3mm on each of the four sides of the finished product. The inner pages of the desk calendar, posters, wall calendars, and folding pages are all done in the same way.

2. Folder printing

Different folding methods affect the width of each fold, and the fold inside is narrower;

3. Picture album printing

When making a picture book, leave a bleeding of 3mm each on the three outer edges of each page. Refer to the picture book making diagram. The thickness of the spine of the plastic-bound book and calculate the lock-line plastic-bound book. Refer to the schematic diagram of making the cover of the album. We should consider the thickness of the cardboard and the size of the pasted part for the cover of the hardcover album;

4. Cover prinnting

When designing the envelope, not only does it must bleeding. But also considers whether to insert a business card. And whether it will block the contents of the inside cover after it is pasted;

5. Handbag printing

When design the handbag, the life should stay on the front side of the handbag. And the interface will be on the side of the handbag when the finished product. Besides, the important content should be to open the hole for the rope.

6. Desk calendar printing

The design of the inner page of the desk calendar is the same as the single page. Except from that, we cannot place important content in the looping position. When designing the desk calendar base, we need to consider the position of the fold line and the inner core of the desk should. And ensure not to block the important content.

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