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The basic process of book printing china

Books can be printed only through a china printing factory with a publication printing business license. In addition, before the book is printed, the publishing house needs to issue a “book printing order” to the printing house, and the local press and publication department needs to seal it.

1. The printing factory checks the printed documents

Usually used for printing, the PDF file shall be checked to see if the copyright page, title page, header, footer and bleeding are correct, and whether the text is four-color black. If so, it will be returned to the publisher or designer for modification.

2. Output blue paper or digital sample

At this time, the publishing society proofs on the blue paper, simply binds the books according to the order and size of the book binding, and returns to the publisher editor to check again whether there are any errors. For books with high printing quality requirements such as color, it is usually necessary to print digital samples (four-color samples) to check and proofread the color of the picture.

3. After the digital sample is confirmed to be correct

Confirming the digital sample can follow the sample and start mass production. The china printing factory will put the printing plate on the machine for batch text printing, cover printing and production process. Then the printing factory will simply bind the text and cover together and return to the editing and checking again.

4. Bulk binding

After book binding, the production team will conduct quality inspection, and the management will also conduct spot check on the finished books to ensure the quality of book printing.

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