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Several Styles Of Hardcover Book Printing

Hardcover book printing refers to a delicate method of making books. Hardcover books are mainly made by processing various shapes on the cover, back and corner of the book core. There are various processing methods and forms. Such as book core processing, round back (ridged or not ridged), square back, square angle and round corner, etc. Cover processing is divided into whole face, joint face, square and round angle, foil stamping, embossing patterns, etc.

Several common forms of hardcover books:

1. According to the form of spine, there are two kinds: square spine and round spine.

1) The square spine is thicker than the core. The height of spine is higher than that of the book core due to the folding of the book core and the cable line. And the more copies are printed, the more obvious. Thus, square spine hardcover book printing should not be too thick, generally suitable for spine within 20 mm.

2) Because of the different position of the front and back book stickers. The folded part of the book stickers is slightly semicircle, distributed on an arc surface, and its thickness is balanced. The flap of the book core adapts to the convex circle of the spine, which is concave circle. So it is better to use round spine for thicker books. The circular spine book is made into an arc shape by raking the back of the book. Generally, the book core thickness is considered as the chord and the arc pair is 130 °. Round ridge can be divided into two types: round back without ridge (only round back without ridge) and round back with ridge (round back with ridge, the height of ridge is generally the same as the thickness of the paperboard of the book case).

2. According to the materials used, it can be divided into two kinds: the same material on the ridge surface and the different material on the ridge surface.

1) The spine is made of the same material, that is, the spine and the back cover are made of the same material. There are two kinds of ridges: square ridge and round ridge. Hardcover fabrics are made of paper, fabric, lacquer paper, lacquer cloth, etc., which are generally equipped with protective seals. However, there is a kind of book with the title and design printed on the whole paper and pasted on the cardboard, and this kind of book is mostly square spine without seal.

2) The spine is made of different materials, that is, the spine and the cover are made of different materials. Usually, the spine is made of fabric, and the cover is made of paper pasted on a hard paper plate. Generally, this form is round spine without cover.

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