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Printing Mode And Working Principle Of Screen Printing

The equipment used for screen printing is the screen-printing machine, which has a wide range of applications. Except for water and air (including other liquids and gases), any article can be used as a substrate. Our non-woven bag printing usually uses screen printing.

The screen-printing plate is in a mesh shape. When printing, the ink on the plate leaks from the through-hole part of the plate to the substrate under the pressure of the ink scraper. Thus completing the printing operation.

Principle of screen printing

Modern screen-printing technology is to use photosensitive materials. To make a screen-printing plate by means of photographic plate making. (Making the screen hole in the image and text part of the screen-printing plate a through hole, but not the screen hole in the image and text part blocked). During printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the image. And text part through the extrusion of the scraper to form the same image and text as the original.

Composition and equipment characteristics of screen printing

Screen printing consists of five elements, namely screen-printing plate, scraping scraper, ink, printing platform and substrate. The screen-printing equipment is simple, easy to operate. Printing and plate making are simple, low cost and strong adaptability. There are also many common prints with a wide application range of screen printing. Such as color oil paintings, posters, business cards, binding covers, commodity signs and printed and dyed textiles.

Comparative analysis of two printing methods

Inkjet printing is another new universal printing technology after screen printing. Like screen printing, it has a wide range of printing materials and can be printed in different shapes and materials. It has a strong adaptability. At present, it is a new type of printing brush with rapid technological development and expanding market, showing a huge development prospect.

But, as an old printing method, screen printing has also shown its youthful side in the development process. Especially the unique advantages of screen printing in circuit board printing. Besides, with the application of more and more new technologies in screen printing. Screen printing has changed its old appearance and still occupies a large market.

Competition between the two printing methods

  • Competition in application field and product market

Based on the advantages of the two printing methods. It is not difficult to find that their competition in the printing market is becoming increasingly fierce.

First, some large-format printing fields prepared by screen printing are being impacted by ink-jet printing. Today, the largest format of the ink-jet printer used in the large-format ink-jet printing field can reach 3~5m. And its role in making large-format posters, promotional materials and outdoor advertisements is increasingly prominent.

Second, because inkjet printing has relatively small restrictions on the substrate. It can be printed on a variety of substrate materials. Which is the killer of screen printing compared with other printing methods. With this advantage, inkjet printing will undoubtedly have an impact on the application field of screen printing.

Third, ink-jet printing is fully digital printing. Which completely breaks away from the tedious process of traditional printing technology. And can minimize the time of product launch. For those products with high time requirements, this printing method will be the best choice.

  • Competition against printers

Inkjet printing has its unique market, such as lottery printing and personalized printing. Which is beyond the reach of screen printing. While safeguarding these fields, inkjet printing has extended its application to the territory of screen printing. And its products are gradually favored by the majority of printers. As mentioned above, in the field of large-format printing.

With the prosperity of the market economy and the expansion of commodity circulation. The ink-jet printing of outdoor advertising will show a significant upward trend. The advantages of inkjet printing, such as full digitalization, personalized printing and off-site printing, are bound to attract more printers to adopt it. Thus, it can be said that while competing in the product market. Their competition cannot be separated from the competition of printers.

Complementary advantages between the two printing methods

The two methods can save production time and improve efficiency. Although inkjet printing has the advantages of full digitalization, short operation preparation time, and quick response to the market, it is not perfect after all.

One of the major disadvantages of inkjet printing is that it is not suitable for mass printing, but only for printing less than 1000 sheets. So, the technical advantages of screen printing in mass printing are fully revealed. This method can be used when determining the personalized printing of product packaging.

That is, use inkjet printing for small batch printing. Put it into the market, conduct research, select popular designs according to the research results. And then carry out large batch printing, which not only saves costs but also reduces waste and product time to market. The combination described above is only a choice. Of course, there are other better ways to use it.

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