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Main printing method for book printing company

Book printing company
Book printing company

The invention of woodcut movable type printing technology in China printing company. Printing methods have been changing with each passing day, all-encompassing. The most often used industrial printing methods are:

Offset printing

Offset printing is also called offset printing in Guangdong and Hong Kong. It is a kind of offset printing and the main printing method. Offset printing can prefect restore the color. Contrast and level of the original with high precision. And is currently the most common paper printing method. Suitable for posters printing, books printing, calendar printing, etc.

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing, a type of letterpress printing technology. Also known as flexographic printing. Use rubber and soft resin as a printing plate. And print with water-soluble or alcohol-soluble ink. The original colorant was aniline dye, so we know it as flexographic printing. It is often suitable for printing plastic bags, labels, and corrugated paper. The fineness of printing dots and lines is approaching offset printing step by step .

We often divide flexographic printing into unit flexographic printing and satellite flexographic printing. In the past, unit-type flexographic printing was often used in China. But satellite flexographic printing is more and more commonly used. The major advantage of satellite flexographic printing is that it can prefect control the tension of the substrate.

screen printing

As a kind of printing with a wide range of applications. We can divide screen printing into 7 types. They are textile printing, plastic printing, metal printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, electronic product printing, lottery screen printing, electronic decoration billboard screen printing. According to the differences in printing materials.

One of the stencil printing techniques, the printing ink is particularly thick. And it is most suitable for making special effect prints. The quantity is not large and the ink color needs density is especially suitable. We can also print it on three-dimensional surfaces. Such as square boxes, boxes, round bottles and so on. Besides paper, it can also print on cloth, plastic fabrics, splints, films and so on. Common new products include banners, pennants, T-shirts, corrugated boxes, soda bottles and circuit boards. The flexibility of screen printing is unmatched by other printing methods.

Gravure printing

It is suitable for printing high-quality and expensive prints. Whether it is a color or black and white pictures. The gravure printing effect can be comparable to photographic photos. Because the plate-making fee is expensive. The printing volume must be large, so it is also one of the less used methods. It is suitable for printing securities, stocks, gift certificates, commercial reputation certificates.

Technology is developing rapidly. And today we can use some of the above-mentioned printing methods to output on the media through computers. The electrostatic imaging and laser technology.

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