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How to solve the bending of book printing

For a hardcover book, how flat and exquisite it is. It is an important factor in evaluating the hardcover book printing quality. And it is also the first impression it gives readers.

How to solve the bending of book printing in China
How to solve the bending of book printing in China

But, the bending in book cover and book block will affect the flatness and exquisiteness of the hardcover book printing. Due to the nature of the material, processing technology, storage conditions. These problems will occur in many book printing process.

First, let me explain to you why the books will bend in the printing process?

The bending of hardcover books is due to the different properties of the materials. That make up the book cover. When the external conditions change. It will cause changes in internal stress and other factors. Resulting in varying degrees of changes in appearance. Besides, for the same material. The shrinkage rate is different for different thread directions. Generally speaking, the shrinkage in the longitudinal direction (in the direction of the filament) is large. And the shrinkage in the transverse direction is small.

China Printing Export always focuses on the quality of hardcover book printing in China. We always request our printing of high-quality. And request our printed product has a perfect appearance. So, we have conducted in-depth exploration and research. To find a solution to the bending of the hardcover book cover and book block.

1. Book cover.

We mainly made the book cover material of an ordinary gray board. With environmental changes, its water content will increase or decrease. Which will cause the sizing surface to shrink and cause bending.

2. Book block.

In hardcover book printing in China. Book blocks often use coated paper, non-coated paper, and specialty paper. When the environment changes, the paper will have ruffled edges. Or tight edges due to the increase or decrease of water content. The book blocks of different paper materials and thread directions have different degrees of warping and deformation. Which are “S” or “U” shapes. This is the root cause of the overall bending of the hardcover book.

3. Climate.

Different climate types or different seasons of the same climate type. Have great differences in environmental temperature and humidity. This poses a huge test for the quality stability of hardcover books. Especially the flatness of the book cover and book block. And it is very easy to cause bending the book cover and the book block

How to solve these problems of hardcover book printing by China printing company?

1. Deal with temperature and humidity differences.

We have systematically investigated the changes in temperature . And humidity throughout the year in different climatic regions around the world. Mastered the laws of temperature and humidity changes. And incorporated these laws into the actual production process of the company.

2. Material moisture content control.

To solve the problem of bending hardcover books. The first thing to do is to solve the problem of the stability of the material’s water content. To ensure that the material’s water content is within a certain range. To form a standard and serve as the basis for incoming material inspection. And to install strict standard control. At the same time, in the entire production process. The stability of the water content of the semi-finished products in each link is tested. And controlled to ensure that the water content of the material does not change much from the raw material to the finished product.

3. Hardcover book production control method.

Standardize the operation of the hardcover book in each processing procedure. Ensure that the hardcover finished product has the least amount of deformation. When affected by the external environment, and ensure product quality. So as to avoid quality accidents and customer complaints.

For the bending of hardcover books. The solution lies in mastering the law of environmental temperature and humidity changes. Seeking the best control range of material moisture content. Setting the appropriate workshop environment temperature and humidity. And imposing appropriate operating specifications and procedures. To reduce or even cut the occurrence of bending of the book cover and book block.

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