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How to print a poster

Now, we often see enormous posters on the market. And its existence can give us a lot of shocks. Such as attracted by enormous posters at a glance. Not only the content is attractive but also gives people a great visual impact. So, the poster is so fascinating, but do you know how to print a poster?

Poster printing

The first is when the poster selects the paper. It is necessary to consider the thickness of the poster’s paper and the number of grams. Which will produce a card effect and is not conducive to promoting the product. At the same time, it should also verify the text and pictures provided by the customer.
General posters make of special materials, and many posters are that kind of smooth paper. The general printing technology is not enough to meet this kind of poster production. Modern poster printing inside will usually use PVC printing. No matter what material, can produce a very perfect poster. Poster printing can also design posters for different customer requirements. While highlighting the performance of the product. Promoting the product will play a positive role. The poster printing, the requirements for color are high. The color collocation should also be more reasonable. And the quality of the color used should pass to ensure that the printing effect is better. In general, the poster printing of star concerts uses high-quality UV ink printing.
In the production process of poster printing products. Color contrast will often to use. Which will help the color effect of poster printing products. The use of contrasting colors will use a range of visual effects bright and strong. While complementary colors are to make the picture stand out. Which is easy to shape the lively, rhythmic layout effect.
They also used transition colors in the design and production of poster printing. Poster printing design, if it can use good transition colors. Will often present a very different color effect.
Transition colors can unify several incongruous colors. The reasonable use of transition colors in the layout. It can better achieve color collocation. Transition colors include several forms. Mid-tones of two colors, mixing black, white, and gray in a single color for blending. And mixing the same color in monochrome for blending.
The poster is a visual communication art. Which can best reflect the formal characteristics of graphic design. It has the most important basic elements of visual design. Design concept means of expression and techniques are more typical than other advertising media. The following materials to print posters.

Common use in production is the air cushion blanket and ordinary blanket. When in contact with the printing plate. Because the blanket surface has a certain adsorption performance. The print plate surface attached to the dampening liquid has part of the transfer to the blanket. If the surface loses part of the dampening solution. It needs to replenish in time, and the size of the supplement will have the problem of balance and imbalance.

2.Water roller
The water roller is the major component. It is in direct contact with the printing plate and supplied the dampening liquid at the same time. And the contact pressure with the printing plate is too heavy to damage the image part. The fountain solution does not coat the plate properly and evenly. And it is easy to appear “flower plate”. If the contact pressure is too light. The coating of the printing plate surface dampening liquid is not normal. Forming a similar coating situation. And the “flower plate” phenomenon appears on the surface of the printing plate.

3.Printing plate graphic area
The amount of fountain solution required on the surface of the printing plate. It relates to the area of the image. The area of graphics and text is large. And the area of relative blankness is small. The area of graphics and text is small, and the area of relative blankness is large. Under normal circumstances. The amount of dampening liquid required for printing plates. With large graphic and text areas are fewer. And the amount of dampening liquid is more.
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