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How to distinguish offset paper and matte coated paper

Offset paper and matte paper, these two types of paper are very common in the book printing field. But most people don’t know the difference between the two. So how to separate offset paper and matt coated paper? The following will be through 4 parts to discuss the difference between the two.

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Book printing

The difference between offset paper and matte paper

1) The difference in Shape

Coated paper is made by coating a layer of white paint on the original paper and then pressing the formation. Its biggest characteristic is the smoothness of the paper. Compared to the general paper is very smooth. Besides, to the dialogue degree also has higher requirements. According to such characteristics. When facing the light, coated paper will have a more obvious reflective effect.

Some kind of significance level, a kind of dumb powder is coated paper. Its formal name is called “matte coated paper” or “matte coated paper. Coated paper compared, dumb powder is a more high-grade paper. Paper is the difference between the two is that there is no clear glance. Although dumb powder is less bright than coated paper, computer printing effect. But the delicate degree above, mute powdered paper better.

2) The difference in Texture

Texture on the difference as the majority of customers choose the coated paper. Although the whiteness has been relatively high, but still more than the dumb powder paper to some. Besides, from the hardness, the hardness of the paper is also higher. It will not be like ordinary coated paper, easy to deformation.

Besides, the price of matte paper is more expensive. From the perspective of cost, dumb powder paper will be used in the field of color. And black and white is generally coated paper or duplex paper.

3) The difference in cost price

As a result of the matte art of the paper is better than the coated paper. So in the price of the paper is higher than coated paper, we often say that after all, a penny and penny goods.

4) The difference in print pattern effect

The patterns printed on the coated paper are bright, vivid and lifelike. But dumb powder paper printed publicity materials. Its pattern is more delicate, low-key luxury, but also to improve the grade of the product.

Coated paper is light, high gloss, smoothness is also better. Often used for printing high-quality hardcover books, magazine printing, catalog printing and illustrations, or gift box surface mounted paper.

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