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How to control the color difference

As we all know, it is impossible to prefect avoid the color difference for photo book printing. The key is how to control the color difference within a reasonable range. The first step to control the color consistency of a product is to establish a perfect color management system. So that operators can understand the standard of qualified products. Control the color, including the following two points.

Photo book printing

1. Determine the upper and lower limit of product color with customers

When we produce a product for the first time, we must make the upper and lower limit of the standard color of the product. And the standard sample sheet must be determined after the customer sealed the sample. In future production, the standard color of the standard sample sheet (or the first batch of product sample sheet) is taken. The customer seals the samples to make the product color standard more operable. We must not simply catch up with the batch samples in each production. Which will lead to the more batches of printing. The more serious the color difference of the products, and the difference is a hundred miles. Besides, we must note the “standard sample sheet” sealed by customers should be replaced regularly. To avoid the deviation between the standard sample sheet and the actual printed product due to a long time.

2. Improve the system of signature and inspection of first and last parts

If you want to further ensure the implementation of color standards. It should include the inspection items of product color in the “product first and last parts inspection system” and “inspection quality record”. So as to help the workshop management personnel to control the color difference of products. And the unsuitable products will not be passed. At the same time, the managers and operators of the workshop should strengthen the inspection and sampling inspection. To ensure that we can find the products beyond the reasonable range of color difference. And handled in time in the production process. With the development of printing detection technology. The accuracy of color difference detection equipment has been greatly improved. If conditions permit, printing enterprises can introduce relevant color difference control equipment to realize digital color difference management.

Equipped with printing standard light source

Some printing enterprises do not use printing standard light source. Which brings hidden trouble to color consistency control of printing products. There is a big difference between the color of products seen under the lighting light source. When working at night shift and the color of products seen under daylight. When working on day shift, which easily leads to color difference of printing. Thus, we suggest that printing workshop must use printing standard light source for lighting. And we should equip standard light source box if necessary.

Ensure the quality of printing ink

Book printing factory sometimes encounter such a situation. After we place the printing products at the customer’s place for a period. The ink color gradually changes, but the same phenomenon does not occur in the previous batches of printed products. This situation is generally due to the use of expired ink. The shelf life of ordinary ink is usually one year, and it is easy to fade printing products when using expired ink. Thus, ink use must pay attention to the ink shelf life, adhere to the first in first out principle. Besides, in the printing production process, but also pay attention to the use of ink additives. If the ink additive is used excessively, the color of the ink may change after printing. Therefore, use various ink additives. It is best to communicate with the ink supplier to determine the correct proportion of additives.

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