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How the books are made by China printing factory

China printing factory

Printing books in China, we can divide the book printing into two processes: the process of creation and printing process.

The process of creation

Every piece of paper is printed from the beginning of the creation process. Writers, editors, graphic designers and artists are the beginning of the creation of magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers, catalogues and other printed works. The book example group started working a few days before the book printing. It decided the theme of the article, arranged the author and editor, and promoted the whole process. When each article has been written, edited, and passed through the last artwork. These articles are sent to the image designer in the form of an electronic manuscript to design the layout of the page.

The graphic designer determines the content on each page, the location of the text-related image. And the location of the image in some publications. Usually, it’s not so easy to determine the match between the picture and the text on a limited page. As with movies, some materials are discarded. Finally, after page design, editing and modification, the digital print file of the whole file is made. The printed document contains the page design of the printed magazine, which is usually copied on the CD.

Printing process of China Printing Factory

The principle of lithography is simple: ink and water do not mix. Images (words and pictures) are placed on the board, which is first soaked in water and then in ink. Ink is full of places with images, while water is in places without images. Then the image is transferred to the rubber pad, and then printed on the paper by the rubber pad. This is why this printing process is also known as offset printing. Images are not printed directly from the board to the paper, just like in intaglio printing.

Printing factories in china, they divide the book printing process into three steps.

Steps in the printing process

  • Step 1: before printing, the document must be etched on the aluminum plate.

On top of the board, a chemical reaction coats the board with an inkjet material. Each basic tremor, such as black, cyan (blue), magenta (red) and yellow, has its own board. Even if you can see many kinds of colors on the printed matter, there are only four kinds of colors used (this is also called 4-color printing process)

  • Step 2: the printing process for book printing is called rotary offset printing.

The roll feeds continuously through the feed. The weight of each roll is usually about 1 ton. The paper goes through four different presses, each with a different color board, and then through a furnace to bake ink. Paper is cut to the right size after printing. Rotary lithography can also use a single paper press to print the cut paper.

  • Step 3: binding

Binding refers to binding the printed paper together with staples or glue, so as to get the final print. If there are six pages in each volume, and then there are millions of such books to be printed, you should arrange them in the right order, and then bind them. And you have to finish the work in at least one day. This is the task of binding. A machine called a stapler collects printed pages and arranges them. Then, the machine staples the books into the marks to bind them. The last part of the stapler is the knife, which is used to trim the pages. Finally, the book can be addressed and mailed to the reader.

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