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How A Package Box Is Printed?

A complete package box printing tutorial allows you to quickly understand the whole process of design and printing.

The printing of packaging box is the key to improve the value of goods, enhance the competitiveness of goods and open up the market. Generally, designers need to know the knowledge of packaging boxes to design more exquisite and beautiful packaging box products. The production process is as follows:

1. Design package box

Packaging box design is mainly coordinated by customers, designers and packaging box printing plants. The customer tells the designer his own ideas, and designers design packaging box documents and produce finished product samples for confirmation. At the same time, it is required that the visual imagination and effect should be pleasing to the eye. And more importantly, it should be understood by the audience! So we can make our products more convenient.

2. Selecting package box material

Generally, packaging boxes should be made of materials with good printing effect and are suitable for packaging products. Most people use yellow paperboard, Kraft paper, cardboard, white paperboard, etc. as printing materials. Among them, white cardboard is a common material in the gift box printing and package box printing industry. White cardboard is a kind of strong and thick paper, with high whiteness and gloss on the front, and high print ability in smoothness and fineness. Meanwhile printing inks should also be light-resistant, wear-resistant, oil-resistant and non-toxic.

3. Printing package box

Designers will make up the PS version, and then packaging and printing personnel will make up the version. Adjusting the ink and print in large quantities after the documents are designed and the materials are selected by customers.

4. Package box post-processing

Generally, customers have higher requirements for the packaging box. And will carry out some post-processing of the packaging box. Post-press processing can effectively improve the artistic effect and added value of packaging. And meet the individual needs of different enterprises’ product packaging, which is also an important link to ensure the packaging quality. Such as laminating, foil stamping, UV, varnish, embossing and debossing, mounting, die cutting, etc. which is mostly used for publicity and packaging printed matter. Among them, with the help of certain pressure and temperature, the hot foil is transferred to the printed matter. Foil stamping showing a strong metallic light, which makes the product have a high-grade texture. The design patterns are particularly clear and beautiful, and the colors are bright and eye-catching. It has the characteristics of wear resistance and weather resistance, and is one of the widely used printing processes.

5. Package box rolling

Make the knife plate according to the design shape of the packaging box. A good knife plate determines the aesthetic appearance of the packaging box.

6. Package box molding

Stick the packaging box with glue according to the sample or design format. It is finished with a roping carry.

The above six processes are a complete packaging box making process.

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