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Hardcover book printing – the structure

Hardcover book is a kind of book binding method, which is equipped with a protective hardback cover (generally hardboard, covered with fabric, thick paper or leather, etc.).
1. Belt – The purpose of belt is to decorate and advertise. Nowadays, books are usually packed in shrink wrap and cannot be opened. Therefore, belt is used as an advertisement to tell you about the general content and attractive place of this book.
Duct jacket – to protect and decorate books and improve their quality.
Cover – The book cover is made of hard materials (cardboard) plus paper, fabric and PU leather. It is hard in texture and larger in size than the book block, so it can better protect the book block, and the storage time is longer than that of ordinary paperback books. Therefore, the books used for collection are generally made into hardback books.
End paper – which is an essential part of hardcover books, is an important part of the connection between book cover and book block.
Book block – this is the content of the hardcover book printing. The whole process of the book block processing includes folding, matching, binding, cutting, etc. the hardcover book also has rounding, ridging, etc.
Most hardcover books are made with a ribbon bookmark, on the one hand for beauty, and on the other hand for bookmarking.
Generally, there are many paperback books, but paperback books are not suitable for preservation. Hardback books are beautiful and easy to preserve books with high collection value, so book collectors and libraries like hardback books.

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