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Four Main Processes For Folded Leaflet Printing

Folded leaflet printing generally refers to foldable single-page printing main used for publicity. It can call the most basic media advertising method. Between promotional leaflet printing and brochure printing. It can use for promotion and also as a hall display.

Compared to the promotional leaflet, its information content is more. Its layout is more flexible and diverse. Its printing process needs to adjust the template according to different layout requirements. The production of its folding line also needs professional folding equipment. Compared with brochures, it is thinner, simpler, and more portable. And the printing and production cost is low. It is a publicity and promotion method favored by many modern enterprises.

Folded leaflet printed paper: The ideal water content of folded leaflet printing paper is 5.5%~6.0%. With less water content, the paper is easy to be brittle and broken when folded. Generally, 30~250g/m dictionary paper, Bible paper, and double adhesive paper. Writing paper, light-coated paper, double-sided coated paper, and matte-coated paper.

Promotional folding refers to monochrome pages printed on a four-color printing machine. Which is generally a kind of paper publicity material made to expand its influence. It is a kind of paper-based publicity mobile advertising based on the media. And the folding has a two-folds, three-folds, four-folds, five-folds, six-folds, etc.

Folding is a product often used in corporate promotion. To increase the quality of the folding page. It is necessary to use the printing process. Let’s take a look at the common printing processes.

  • Ordinary varnish

This is a more common treatment. Folding after oil, the image will appear brighter. Can protect the ink layer to increase its beauty. Can also be in the local glazing of the picture. Which is a great improvement in the quality of the folded leaflet.

  • Bright and convex local UV glazing

Some companies to show their extraordinary, will use the UV process after glazing. So that the folding will be bumpy after touching the hand, so there is a great improvement in quality. Some companies will use ordinary paper printing. But to make the product look better. They will choose to press out the texture like fancy paper. So that the texture of the folding will rise. Same time protects the ink layer, but on the whole, it is still not as good as fancy paper.

  • Hot stamping

There must be some information on the folded leaflet is very important. To highlight this information, enterprises usually choose to use hot stamping means. So that this important information can be more conspicuous on the folded leaflet.

  • Lamination

This process is to better protect the ink layer to enhance wear resistance. Same time, it increases the strength and folding resistance of the paper. This coating will play a protective role. The disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle when encountering high temperature. Humidity is also easy to wrinkle, too. So need to pay special attention to it.

The printing process determines a big factor. When print folding, the process that needs to increase the required process. To produce a better folded leaflet.

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