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Environmental friendly ink in book printing

In the book printing ink market, what is the most popular product? There is no doubt that environmental protection ink. In the major advertising leaflets, related ink manufacturers. Without exception, hold high the banner of “environmental protection”. But what is the standard to judge the environmental protection ink? Before the relevant national standards, people have no way to define. Environmental protection ink market is more chaotic. Consumers in the buy environmental protection ink is also confused. Because this concept in China book printing market is quite vague and loose.

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In the book printing market, it should divide environmental protection ink into regions. Because the standards required by different countries and regions are different. Such as Europe and the United States, their standards are stricter than those in China. In China, the actual sense of environmental protection ink is more widely used in packaging printing. But in the printing of books and newspapers, it has not reached this level. And the relevant laws and regulations are also blank in this respect. Many manufacturers in the promotion of ink. All said that their products are environmentally friendly ink. The national environmental protection department certifies it. But I think there is still a big difference between the domestic certification standards and the European and American. We can say that the country has not invested too much attention in the ink industry.

Environmental protection ink is UV ink

Because its composition is different, and it is more expensive. It is mostly used in packaging, and less used in commercial printing. That’s all. I believe that many printing enterprises have a good understanding of environmental protection ink. Both manufacturers and users have not made much efforts in environmental protection. One reason is that the state has no mandatory and guiding policies and has not realized the harm of ink on people’s health and environment. Thus, without standards, the industry cannot be guided to move in the right direction.

The level of national economic development and the overall level of the printing industry have not reached the corresponding level. In this case, the relationship between human, environmental pollution and social development should be emphasized on development. And the pollution problem can only be solved gradually in the process of development.

The price of eco-friendly ink is much higher than ordinary ink

The only environmentally friendly ink that can be used in commercial printing is UV ink, but the amount is also relatively small. In the packaging and decoration industry. Because of the large amount of packaging printing. There are certain requirements for environmental protection. So the amount and opportunity of using environmental protection ink are relatively large. Besides, the use of environmentally friendly ink on equipment, accessories, consumables and other special requirements. For example, cots to use special, or dual-purpose, these accessories are more expensive. It will increase the cost of enterprises.

Manufacturers can make the products do not contain VOC. But when users are printing, it is difficult to completely achieve “water-based printing” with water-based ink. Now, it is possible to add alcohol and other components in the ink. For example, when drying after printing, the evaporation speed of water-based ink printing products is not fast. If alcohol and other substances are added, the drying speed can be improved. In the United States and other developed countries and regions in the book printing industry. The equipment is advanced, the drying system is good, the quality of printing raw materials is good. It is very suitable for the printing of water-based ink, but the relative cost is also high. But our country has not yet reached this level.

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