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Design considerations for printed artworks

In the book printing industry, we call printing artwork pre-press design and typesetting. And there is a lot of attention in this regard.

Design considerations for printed artworks
Book printing

7 artwork design attentions for book printing

1. We must determine the size of the printed matter when designing.

The size includes the incision size (that is, the size of the finished product). And the incision size plus a circle size. This size is more than 3 mm larger than the incision size. This is professionally called bleeding.

2. Text conversion, text conversion is to avoid that there is no font you used in the design in the computer of the book printing factory. Which causes the text to be garbled, or the layout is disordered. So after we complete the design document, we should tuen all the text into a curve.

3. For bitmaps (such as photos) that appear in the design file, the color mode of the bitmap used should be CMYK. I heard that the current production technology, RGB is also possible. But for safety, it is best to convert to CMYK.

4. Don’t have too many Pantone colors in the document, so that the color will not hurt me when printing. Especially when the design of the picture is more colorful. If the color is not used much, we recommend to use Pantone color, so the color will be better.

5. If you are new to the design of printed matter, we recommend that after finishing the draft, print a sample to compare the size of the text. Because the size of the text on the computer is not very accurate.

6. We do not recommend doing the printed artwork design file in PS, but to do it in vector software with special typesetting, such as AI, CDR. Because the text typed in PS will appear jagged and blurred after printing.

7. If you make a design draft in CDR, it is not recommended to zoom in, zoom out. And rotate the imported pictures, which will reduce the quality of the pictures.

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