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Common categories of hardcover book printing

Common categories of hardcover book printing. Based on the spine, there are two types: square spine and round spine.

Custom hardcover book printing

In hardcover book printing, a square spine is very common. The square spine is thicker than the book block. Because of the folding and stringing of the book block, the height of the spine is higher than the book block. And the more printed sheets, the more obvious. Thus, hardcover books with a square spine should not be too thick. And generally suitable for spine within 20mm.

For hardcover book printing, another type is round spine. The rounded spine, because the position of the front and back stickers is slightly different. The folds of the stickers are slightly semicircular. Distributed on an arc, and balance their thickness. The opening of the book block conforms to the convex round of the spine, which is concave round. Thus, a round spine is better for thicker books. We formed the book with a round spine into an arc after being rounded. And the thickness of the book block is generally 130° for the chord and the arc. We can divide round ridges into round back without ridges (only round but not ridges). And round back with ridges (rounded ridges, the height of the ridges is generally the same as the thickness of the cardboard of the bookcase).

According to the materials used in hardcover book printing, we can divide it into two types. The same material on the ridge and the different material on the ridge.

Custom hardcover book printing. We made the spine and the back cover of the same material. There are two kinds of square ridge and round ridge. Hardcover fabrics use paper, fabric, varnished paper, varnished cloth, etc. And are generally equipped with a protective seal. But, there is a kind of book that is printed on the paper with the title, pattern, etc. and laminated on the cardboard. Most of this book has a square spine without a protective seal.

We made the spine of different materials, that is, the spine and the cover are made of different materials. Usually fabric is used as the spine, and we paste paper on the hard paper plate as the cover. This form is generally round spine without protective cover.

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