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How to reduce the cost of catalog printing

An exquisite catalog can bring great performance to the enterprise. Thus, many companies will choose to order a large number of catalog printing in China. But, you must understand some quotations before choosing a catalog printing company. And how to reduce the cost of your catalog printing. How to reduce the cost of catalog printing? Here is a brief analysis by the editor.


First of all, there are different grades of paper are available. If your company is not so eager to pursue high-quality printing effects. It is also possible to choose the middle grade. This will not affect the company’s product display and save a lot of costs.

At the same time, in the opening of the paper, it is necessary to choose the format reasonable. Because if it is not well grasped, it will increase the margin of the paper. and the effective area will not be fully utilized. Moreover, for the binding, try your best Don’t use the irregular format. This can also effectively reduce the price of the catalog.


Use the space as much as possible in the number of pages of the album. Avoid zero pages in typesetting. And save space in other parts without affecting the product display. Design the cover size of the catalog reasonable and don’t waste it. Because the number of paper specifications does not match the cover during plate making.


For the binding, use tough materials such as paper or varnished cloth as much as possible.

Reducing costs is always being a goal for a company. But for your product’s catalog printing, the cost is not as low as possible. Catalogs for different purposes must have specific content combinations, simple or complex. And must be developed around requirements. It is not based on the capital budget. And the blind reduction is only to reduce the potential sales power brought by the catalog.

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