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Ten pre-press design tips in book printing

Pre-press technology is an important problem for book printing in China. A professional book printing company cannot print books of high-quality. If they do not deal with the pre-press problems. Today, ChinaPrintingExport will summarize ten pre-press tips of book printing for you.

1. The layout of copywriting and effective content should be more than 3mm away from the cutting line. To avoid text cut during cutting. 

2. The designed document should convert the text of the manuscript into a curve. So on avoid losing text or garbled characters due to the lack of fonts when outputting the plate.

3. Please do not use system characters when inputting text. It will cause white nodes at the interlaced strokes. After turning the font into a curve, zoom in and observe. If there are white nodes at the interlaced strokes of the text. It means that the font is a system word or a font that cannot use for book printing. And you need to use another font instead.

4. Avoid printing text after typing in PHOTOSHOP and bitmap software. It will blur the bitmap text to varying degrees when printing.

5. For all input or self-drawn line color blocks and other graphics. The thickness of the line frame should not be less than 0.1mm. Otherwise, the printed books will be broken or unable to appear.

You cannot set the “edge width” for any gradient object. Because the interpretation of the CTP publishing system is different. Which will cause insufficient color filling of the gradient edge.

6. If they do not process well the picture or the picture format is wrong, we will lost the picture. RGB pictures or other non-CMYK 32-bit pictures below 300DPI will cause discoloration and blurring. When using precise cropping of the frame. Please check whether there is precise cropping locked to the frame, such as unlocked. All objects in the precise cropping frame will be lost. 

7. In Coreldraw9, when applying a gradient. Rotation during imposition can easier lead to errors in the direction of the gradient layer. When applied to interactive effects (such as three-dimensional effects, shadow effects). It is easy to cause the effects to run out and lose when the versions are compatible and rotated. Please separate the effect after finishing the effect, and then turn the bitmap again.

8. Reminder: If the shadow effect is built on top of the color. Please change the single black color of the shadow. Such as the base map is yellow, add an appropriate amount of yellow to the black of the effect, C=0, Y=80, M=0, K=100. This can solve the effect of the gray layer and affect the quality. When using the gradient effect: single color gradient to black, change the color of single black. Such as magenta to black gradient, in black Change the middle to: C=0, Y=0, M=100, K=100. This can solve the gradual effect of the gray layer in the gradual layer, which affects the quality.

These are the issues that should be paid attention to in the pre-press design. After finishing these ten points. Our book printing will be much smoother and there will be fewer opportunities for errors.

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