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The attention for hardcover book printing

hardcover book printing

1. The reason for hardcover book printing contents is not in the correct position.

If the color order arrangement is unreasonable. Or we cannot control the field density in the quality index. There will be large ink, small ink or partial color phenomenon.

Solution: according to the hardcover book printing color sequence principle to determine the black, magenta, green, yellow printing color sequence. In determining the field density of each color. The brightness and fullness of the color. And the ink absorption of printed paper should be considered. The field density of black version should be determined as 1.75~1.85, magenta version 1.45~1.55, green version 1.50~1.60, yellow version 1.00~1.10. And the smaller the field density difference of the same color version, the better.

2. After binding, the color of the surface is inconsistent.

When printing, due to the large difference in the field density of the two parts. The color of the surface will be obviously inconsistent after binding the book.

Solution: print as much paper as possible, wait for uniform and stable color before formal printing. During custom hardcover book printing, operators should use color reflection densitometer to sample and measure the field density of printed matter to ensure consistent color. The cross-page samples should be properly preserved for analysis and comparison in the next printing. And the ink supply should be adjusted at any time.

Mainly printing color effect and document publishing control. As well as post-press binding effect control these aspects.

Hardcover production control about the following points:

First, the printing of the folding hand must check the correct, the best version after the completion of proofing a simple check page order.

Second, if it is a hardcover album. The choice of printing machine must try to choose a professional new business printing machine. With the machine to see the color to ensure printing color

Fourth: the form of binding depends on the book thickness from thin to thick is riding nail, glue, lock glue

Fifth: the selection of hardcover shell and the degree of packaging technology to follow up in real time

PS: when confirming the blue draft must be careful not to make mistakes.

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