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About the printing design of cookbook printing

Cookbook printing design is not a simple thing. In the design of the first to let customers feel warm and warm feeling. But also to let customers see the temptation of food pictures immediately want to eat the idea. So ingenious composition and typography are of some importance.

Design of cookbook printing

Design should not be too complex for cookbook printing

In the recipe book printing design, the design should not be too complex. Too complex to read no focus, the overall design effect should be as simple as possible. Tone selection should be natural, in excess, and change should also have harmony. If the tone is too different, it will make people feel abrupt and uncomfortable.

Cookbook printing needs to pay attention to color control

Besides, we should also pay attention to color control when printing. The color of the food album is more difficult than that of other albums. If the color is too dark and dark, people will have no appetite.

Most of the cookbook are in hardcover binding and perfect glue binding. How to choose the binding when custom cookbook printing?  If you have a limited budget, you can choose perfect glue binding. If you want the cookbook looks luxury, you can choose the hardcover binding. We have printed lots of cookbooks, can finish your cook book in high end quality.

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