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4 simple steps to design your book cover

The cover is one of the most important part of the book printing. Besides, to conveying the content of the book, it also has the function of catching the attention of the seller at the first time. An excellent cover work plays a decisive role in the sales of the book.

There are two types of cover design in terms of constituent elements: text-based design and image-based design. In text-based designs, the importance of each visual element is in the order of text→color→graphics/images. Where the role of text is to express the theme, graphics and images are auxiliary elements for the composition of the screen. And the design of color is mainly to balance words and images. Making them cooperate and coordinate with each other.

For graphics/image-based design, the visual emphasis is as follows: graphics/image→color→text. In the design, the graphics/image that can show the connection with the theme of the book should be selected first. And the basic color of the cover should be established based on this. Use appropriate colors to balance the relationship between graphics/images and text.

How to design book cover in simple 4 steps?

1. Cover conception

Conception is the beginning of design. In the process of conception, it is necessary to fully and profoundly understand the content of the book. Correctly grasp the theme of the book, and comprehensively consider the images, characters and colors that may be used in the cover design.

2. Layout composition

Layout composition is based on conception. Which visualizes the abstract design elements in the conception. When composing a layout, also to considering the basic elements. Such as points, lines, surfaces, and colors used in the cover design. The format of the book should also be considered when composing the layout. The same design will have different effects on different format sizes.

3. Collect cover material

Collect the materials thought of when composing the picture through various channels, and further process them to complete the design of the cover. It is worth noting that the resolution of the material image must meet the requirements of printing and reproduction. If the resolution is too low, it will affect the quality of the image.

4. Cover layout

After completing the conception and composition. Combined with the collected materials, use graphic processing software. Such as PS, AI and other related application software. To make the elements required for the cover into electronic files according to the layout design requirements for output and printing.

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