About Bleeding

The bleeding position is the cutting position. Generally, there will be a 2mm error when cutting the finished product. The normal tolerance range of 3mm is the safest. So be sure to leave bleeds when design the printing documents. When we design the file, we need to enlarge the edge by 3mm, and the larger part will be cut off after printing. This cropped part is called the bleed place. For example, if your children’s book printing size is 80*52mm, then the edge of your document should be enlarged to 86*58mm.

The artwork page should have a 3mm bleed on all the four edges, as this will serve the purpose of cutting and binding. As the 3mm bleed will be cut after binding, you need to make sure that the bleed space does not include any important part of the artwork, like a part of the face or any other body part. Basically, the bleed needs to be an extension of the background color in the artwork’s edge.

Take a look at this picture to understand the bleeding place. If you don’t know hot to set the bleeding place. You can contact our experts, we will guide you on how to set.