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How to improve market capability of your catalogue?

Catalog plays a very important role in corporate image promotion and product marketing. It can visually and intuitively show people what services the company provides and where are the advantages. Catalog always conveys the most critical and important functions to consumers in the most streamlined language.

What should you pay attention when conceive the catalog printing?

How can I print an excellent catalog? First of all, the most important step requires a complete catalog conception plan. With a complete conception plan, we can think about how to design and printing catalog with marketing capabilities.

As for How To Print An Excellent Catalog For Your Company? ChinaPrintingExport has also discussed this topic. It is also very important to choose a professional catalog printing company.

1. Catalog should target consumer groups

For example, the hospital catalog is aimed at medical patients, and the design requires a stable, safe, healthy, and make people fell harmonious and trustworthy. The target audience of the hotel catalog is business people, and the design requirements highlight the taste of the hotel and impress consumers with warmth and comfort.

2. Catalog design should be visually exquisite

The catalog needs to be readable in order to make the guests interested in reading it. For example, a food catalog must fully display the color, aroma, and taste of food, so as to induce consumers’ appetite and arouse the desire to purchase; clothing catalogs must focus on grades and capture consumers’ vision and touch.

3. Highlight the characteristics and advantages

The design of a catalog must start from the corporate culture, philosophy, and background, highlight its own characteristics and advantages, so that customers can have a comprehensive understanding of the company and products in a short time, and then generate the desire to buy and promote consumption.

How to design your catalog?

1. The Cover:

The cover is the key to determining whether your catalog layout design works can be accepted by readers. It should be able to show visually what you are trying to express.

2. The index:

Second, the design of the index. Index is a system, it plays a function of retrieving catalog, we want to make it concise, simple and methodical, so that it can play a very seductive premise.

3. Inside page:

A good catalog inner page design highlights the theme. Its layout is always very regular, every part is well-behaved and not scattered; it is dynamic, flexible and changeable, and not stuffy; it has personality and distinctive characteristics, and others will remember you after reading it.

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