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How to Choose The Blanket Correctly?

For the book printing companies in China, the first thing they need to think over is the printing material if they are implementing eco-friendly printing in all kinds of the book printing process in China. Therefore, eco-friendly printing materials are getting more popular for the book printing companies in China, such as green printing blankets, alcohol-free fountain solutions, water-based adhesive, etc.

How to choose and use the blanket correctly if the Chinese book printing company wants to realize eco-friendly book printing China?

What is the green printing blanket?

In China printing, the standard of eco-friendly hardcover book printing clearly stipulates that the printing ink, varnish, blanket and the other raw book printing materials are forbidden to added DINP, DNOP, DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIPD. Because the 6 materials will pollute the environment and cause varying degrees of harm to human health. Therefore, in other to make sure that the raw book printing materials are under the eco-friendly printing standard, the book printing companies in China always ask for a green environmental protection certificate from their raw book printing materials suppliers.

How to choose the green printing blanket correctly?

Although the green printing blanket is somewhat different from the ordinary blanket in the production process, it is not much different from the ordinary printing blanket in the book printing process.

Here are the 2 useful tips when the Chinese printers choosing the green printing blanket:

1.  Pay attention to the characteristics of the book printing blanket expected by the Chinese printer chief, such as good ink transfer, smooth solid and tone, good paper release, surface glue not easy to break, proper tearing and polishing, easy removal of paper edge marks, roll The roll paper feeds smoothly, etc.;

2. To choose the right blanket, you must first according to the corresponding printing conditions, and then choose the brand of book printing blanket.

How to use the green printing blanket?

In book printing China, the professional Chinese printers also will pay attention to the following 4 important points:

1.      Pay attention to the combination of book printing blanket pads;

2.      Pay attention to the thickness of the book printing blanket;

3.      Install the blanket correctly;

4.      Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the book printing blanket.

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